CSS is the style sheet language for describing the presentation and design of web pages including colors, fonts, and layouts. It is mainly designed to enable the distinction between presentation and content, including colors, layouts, and fonts. It can be used in different types of devices, like large or small…

10 tactics to compute thoughts like a programmer 💭💭💭

The modern marvel of the 21st century is still the computer, an integral component that supplements the building block for any device with logic or automation. The limitations of the computer are no longer known as a result of juxtaposing exponential…

Applications built with rails

How does active record relate to ruby

I’ll go on record saying Active Record is a spectacular break-through in Ruby’s ability for application development. Active Record is a ruby GEM and has to be installed before you will be granted access to all the free functionalities pre-installed in the active record bundle. Fortunately the realm of active…

jaded aizen

Software engineer

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